101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power

Okay, so this is just a teaser… our friends at golfdashblog.com have written an amazing book titled “101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power.” Luckily for you, they have posted an excerpt from the first chapter with 10 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power. See the bullet points from the top 10 below, and click the link below the article for the full excerpt.



1. Get Width It!

2. Stance, Shmantz

3. Tee it High (now let it fly!)

4. Relax Your Grip, Please.

5. Release the Club (but don’t let go of it!)

6. Hip Spinning is NOT Cool

7. Turn, Turn, Turn

8. Be Still, Grasshopper

9. Start Singing (I Mean “Swinging”)

10. The “Magic” of Separation


These points without context may not seem like much, but read the full excerpt HERE for game-changing swing tips. Golf is very difficult, but with these simple tips, you can be hitting the ball longer and straighter in no time. Like these tips? Purchase the book on Amazon for all 101 tips!

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