7 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts For Golfers

For all you forgetful lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is next week! Before you freak out and call your local florist for the hundredth year in a row, we have some creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the golfer in your life! We rounded up some of the absolute best golf-themed presents that will make even the most discerning golfer blush with happiness! Buy one (or all) of these, and Cupid just may be good to you, too!


#7- Custom Ball Marker


This one is a real winner. Golfers are known for using coins, tees, and anything they can find to mark their ball on the green. This creative gift will give your golfer something they will want to hang on to! More importantly, it is also a constant reminder that they are loved by you, even MORE than they love golf! It’s a win-win.

Buy it at Sierra Metal Design- $26


#6- BirdieBox


This is the gift that keeps on giving! Get a subscription for the golf lover in your life to BirdieBox and they will thank you each month! BirdieBox curates custom golf gift boxes every single month.

Buy it at birdiebox.com- $46/month


#5- Golf Underwear


Put the sexy back in Valentine’s day with these incredible golf underpants! These are designed by athletes, for athletes. Watch out, though, they are so comfortable your man may just want to walk 36 holes instead of 18!

Buy it at 2undr.com- $28


#4- The PuttSkee


If you’re looking to really spoil your Valentine this year… look no further! The PuttSkee has to be the coolest golf invention since steel clubs. This game will improve your putting, but more importantly, is as much fun as you can possibly have with a putter indoors! For a little extra, you can even customize them!

Buy it at theputtskee.com- $499 


#3- Chocolate Golf Shoe


This is a fun twist on the Valentine’s day staple. The shoe is solid chocolate and at a whopping 7″ long, 3.5″ wide and 1 lb, eating it in one sitting may make you feel sicker than a double bogey! It even comes with a white chocolate golf ball. Your choco-holic golf lover will never forget this gift, so order one before it’s too late!

Buy it at Gayle’s Chocolates- $43


#2- Loudmouth Golf Pants


There is no statement bolder than a pair of Loudmouth golf pants. Made popular by John Daly, these bright designs are sure to be a conversation starter on the course!

Buy it at loudmouth.com- $99


#1- Golf Lessons With PlayYourCourse


There is nothing more romantic than giving your golfer Valentine what they really want… a better golf game! There is no quicker way to lower their score than with private lessons with a certified teaching professional. For Valentine’s Day, PlayYourCourse is offering an additional $20 in gift card credit for every $100 spent on a gift card.¬†They’ll impress their buddies and thank you forever!

Buy it at playyourcourse.com

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