Here Are The Best Reactions To Tiger Woods Returning To Golf

What are the best reactions to Tiger Woods returning to golf? So glad you asked!

We couldn’t be more excited about Woods, and we are not alone. Here are the best reactions to the news from around the Internet, for your viewing pleasure!

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Tiger has always been great at a lot of things. Humility was never one of them. This is spot on.


If this doesn’t get you psyched up for the return of the G.O. A. T. we’re not sure what will…


He’s back baby!… #tigerwoods #tigerwoodsyall Launches 350-Yard Drive In Practice For 2016 Hero World Challenge”

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The swing looks sweet as ever. The calves? They could use some work.



BREAKING: Tiger’s belt loop gets more media coverage than you.


#Repost @anyasarai ・・・ I’m too fragile #golf #tigerwoods #getinthehole #dontbreakmyheart #trustissues

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#truth… please don’t, Tiger, we just couldn’t handle that again!



This. Is. Just. Ridiculous.


He’s baaaaaack

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Nothing like a vintage Tiger club twirl to get you pumped up for his return!



This meme may be overplayed, but for real, sorry to all you bosses out there.



He’s ready … are you?

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Yes, kid. YES!




We’re pretty sure this is real.


(Tongue planted firmly in cheek)

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