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Best Black Friday Deals for Golfers

Holiday season is upon us! Give the golfers in your life even more reason to love you! Here are the best Black Friday deals for golfers! Golf Galaxy The industry-leading online golf retailer always offers great deals on the best golf equipment. If the discounts aren’t deep enough year round, their Black Friday sale oughta get […]

How Golf Helps You Get Ahead in Business

A golf course is the ultimate arena for business. Gone are the days of working 9-5. Board rooms across America often sit empty and meetings happen over email and video conferencing apps. It is a “right now!” society, and in the whirlwind of day-to-day (or second-to-second) business, it feels like we have lost something. You […]

Golf Terms You Can Use at the Office

Bonus: Watch “Two Quick Fixes For Longer Drives” Golf has a lot of funny expressions, but what if they were applicable to your work life? Maybe they are! Here are our favorite golf terms you can use at the office.     Mulligan Use: When you make a stupid mistake with a colleague, usually a boss, […]

4 Simple Tips for a More Powerful Golf Swing

Power. It’s what every golfer wants more of. Unfortunately, just swinging harder is not going to get you to suddenly drive the ball like Dustin Johnson. There are however some very simple fundamentals that will get you hitting the ball further in no time. Here are 4 simple tips for a more powerful golf swing. […]