New PYC Golf Pro: Jared D offering Golf Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

Jared D has joined the PlayYourCourse golf pro team, offering golf lessons in Phoenix, AZ.

“Quiet mind, makes for a simple swing!”

His credentials include:

*PGA, TPI certified instructor with 8 years of experience.
*Has coached beginner golfers and players.
*Keeps it simple, and teach my students to understand their swing
*2013-2015 Goodyear Instructor of the year
*Played 4 years of Division II Golf at Grand Canyon University

A little more about Jared:

“I have been around golf all my life. Originally, I’m from Colorado but moved to Arizona to play College golf and then I met my wife who is from Arizona.  My first club was my dad’s cut down 7 iron and In January, my wife and I are having our first son, so I’ll be able to pass on the golfing legacy. I see myself as a coach more than an instructor. I see a coach as a person who teaches a student to learn and understand. Often times my experiences with instructors is that they just tell you what to do, Then when the swing starts to falter, those students don’t know who to fix the issue.

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