New PYC Golf Pro: Jodi C offering Golf Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

Jodi C has joined the PlayYourCourse golf pro team, offering golf lessons in Phoenix, AZ.

“Professional Golf Lessons in Phoenix!”

Her credentials include:

*Tathada Golf 60 day program. LPGA certified
*New golfers/ and seasoned amateurs/ all ages
*Be your best inside of your game, using your whole body and mind.
*Started my own golf business in WA, then moved to teach in AZ.
*Shot an 80 in only 10 months of playing golf.

A little more about Jodi:

“Learning to golf with me will enrich your playing, your knowledge, and your character by embracing both the ups and the downs of the game. My goal is for you to LOVE golf and play it for a lifetime inside your goals. I started playing golf in 2011 and trained with Molly Tullar at Dana Radar School in Charlotte NC.  In 2012 I started my own golf business on my 5 acres in a small town in WA state; I passed my Level 1 Teaching and Pros with the LPGA. In 2013, we moved to AZ and I started teaching as an independent instructor at the Foothills group.

Book a Golf Lessons in Phoenix, AZ with Jodi C.

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