Golf Tips: The Correct Ball Position For Irons

Iron Shots With PGA Pro Todd Kolb

In the video above PGA teaching professional Todd Kolb demonstrates making solid contact with your irons.

One of the key components to using your irons correctly is controlling the bottom of the swing arc. In order to do that, make sure you understand where your weight is at your feet both at address and also through the motion.

To hit a good quality iron shot you’ll need to deliver the sweet spot of the golf club down to the golf ball. The ball is on the ground so the club should be traveling slightly in a descending motion as it comes into contact with the ball.

Every golf swing has a bottom point – where the club bottoms out and then starts to travel upward. To make solid contact with those irons you should feel like your weight is slightly left. A sixty/forty percent split, with sixty percent on your left, forty percent on your right, will do the trick. This will move the bottom of your swing arc forward so that you can catch the ball as the club is traveling down.

For a visual demonstration check out the video above, then go hit the links!

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