Golf Tip – Eliminate Your 3 Putt

Hey guys, Scott Baxter from here, and today, PlayYourCourse instructor Jeremy Franks, is going to teach you a simple tip that will improve your putting instantly. Enjoy.

Hello, my name is Jeremy Franks and I’m the lead instructor for PlayYourCourse and the Head Golf Professional here at James River Country Club in Newport News, Virginia.

Today I’m going to give you a quick and simple drill to help improve your putting, shave strokes off your game, and have more fun on the course. Most people struggle with long putts and end up 3 putting because they don’t know where to aim. This is a simple solution and easy drill to remember

that will help you start the ball on the right line.

Number 1; we want to aim directly at the hole in our mind and ask ourselves, If I were to putt this to the hole, where would the ball end up?

And as you can see over here we have the tee just right of the cup and that’s where we’ve already determined in our minds that’s where the ball will break to.

So once you have that, you take the distance between the pin and the tee and move that tee in your mind to this side of the hole and make your putt.

So to recap; I’ve determined the distance between the cup and the tee where the ball, if hit in a straight line, will roll to. So for the drill; I’m going to take this tee

and move it the exact same distance on this side as we put that tee in. So my next goal will just be to hit it in a straight line at the tee on the left, knowing that it’s going to break towards the hole. Let’s give that a shot, shall we? Not too bad.

I hope you enjoyed Jeremy’s tip, and if you’re anything like me having a point of reference for something to aim for on long putts is really going to help your putting, and hopefully eliminate a lot of 3 putts from your game. Most people don’t realize how easy it is to make dramatic improvements to their golf game.

I definitely didn’t.

I’m not a certified golf instructor like Jeremy. I’m just your average golfer that used to struggle to break 100. But after a 1 hour lesson I shaved 10 strokes off my game by just fixing some of the obvious things I was doing wrong. A couple quick tips and I fixed the slice on my drive and learned how to better handle long putts.

I was baffled how easy it was to make quick improvements to my game after swinging golf clubs the same way for over 20 years.

The truth is, if you’re working with a good coach who knows their stuff, they’re going to have tons of tips and quick adjustments that you’ve never heard that will instantly fix problem areas in your game. The only reason it took so long for me to try my first lesson, and maybe you’re the same way, is I didn’t have any idea how to get started much less how to tell a good instructor from a total hack.

This struggle to find good instruction is exactly why I created to make it easier for golfers, like you and I, to find amazing instruction.

At PlayYourCourse, we hire only the best-of-the-best so you don’t have to do any detective work to figure out if you’re getting excellent instruction. We interview every single one of our instructors personally to ensure that they are certified, have a strong playing background, and that they are comfortable with all ages and skill levels.

But the vetting process doesn’t stop there.

After every lesson our students, people just like you and I, leave feedback on their coaches using our rating system. We use these ratings to rank our instructors

and only the strongest survive. After you answer a few questions about yourself, we use this data to pair you with an instructor that has gotten glowing reviews from golfers just like you with similar goals and needs.

We work very hard to not only pair you with an instructor that’s good, but also capable of delivering the specific results that YOU are after.

If you’re ready to see quick improvement in your golf game click the link above and check out some of the great PlayYourCourse golf instructors near you.

We’ll see you out on the course.

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