PGA TOUR Friendships Propelling Golf To New Heights

The saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer has new meaning with the current state of the PGA TOUR. It is rare in sports to see friendships among pros at the highest level. That couldn’t be less true on the PGA TOUR, and it just may be the best possible thing for the state of golf.

pga tour friendships

The top young players, who also happen to be the best players in the world period, are all great friends. In the past, both on the PGA TOUR and in other professional sports, top athletes are cordial with each other, but friends? Absolutely not. How can you be best friends with the players you compete against and try to crush every time you tee it up? Well, the stars of today have figured it out. It’s great for them, great for us fans, and great for golf.

Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler are the best examples. The three of them, usually joined by others, are constantly in each other’s social media feeds, vacationing together, practicing together, and spending all their free time together. It’s also important to note that they are winning golf tournaments at a ridiculous clip.

When one isn’t winning, you are sure to see the others waiting on the 18th green to be the first to congratulate the winner. Who says competitors can’t be friends? They push each other, and while they all want to win every time they tee it up, and when one wins, it only serves as inspiration to practice harder and be the one hoisting the trophy the next week.

Check out these social posts if you don’t believe it:

Class of 2011! MAJOR CHAMPS! I’m going to the range till my hands bleed after watching the last 2 majors!

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These guys are clearly having an absolute blast out there, and when one of them wins, they all win. More importantly, so do we. Their PGA TOUR friendships are growing the game in an incredibly positive way, and as a result, the golf they are playing is tremendous. The next few decades oughta be a lot of fun for us golf fans!

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