Practical Golf- Finally A Golf Instructional Site With Tips That Work

Practical Golf was started in 2015 by Jon Sherman, a golfer looking to improve his game just like the rest of us. First, let’s clarify something. Jon is a phenomenal golfer in his own right. He has broken every milestone score: 100, 90, 80, 70. He has competed in US Open qualifiers and plays between a 0-2 handicap. So, yes, he is more than qualified to give instruction and help other struggling golfers with their games.

His biggest problem with the thousands of online instruction websites? He felt that there was simply too much “instruction” and not enough “coaching.” While instruction is important, it’s just one facet of improving your golf game, and that’s where Jon saw an opportunity. Sure, changing your grip or your takeaway may help your game. But that is as subjective as it is objective.

Coaching serves to understand someone, and point them in the right direction of improvement. Where are they losing shots? How are they practicing? What is the shortest route to shaving strokes?

Coaching is education, and Practical Golf is your personal golf coach.

There are hundreds of amazing articles completely free of cost that will help you improve your game. Additionally, there are great product reviews, interviews and products for sale that include critically acclaimed books written by Jon.

Practical golf will not only teach you the how but more importantly the why to help you understand your golf swing better in every capacity.

Long story short, if you are looking to improve your game, or indulge your golf fix, head on over to Practical Golf.


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