[Video] World Long Drive Competitors Try to Drive Bay Hill’s 555 Yard Par-5 in ONE!


The World Long Drive competitors descended on one of golf’s most iconic par-5s in an attempt to do the unthinkable… drive the 555 yard hole’s green in ONE SWING.

The par-5 sixth hole at Bay Hill wraps intimidatingly around a gator-infested lake. Anything to the left on the drive, second shot, or layup will result in a water ball and devastating penalty stroke. At 555 yards, only the longest hitters dare to go for the green in two swings. Getting home in two requires an aggressive drive and an even more aggressive second shot. Eagles and double bogeys are aplenty each year at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Par is a good score.

But what if there was a shortcut?

There is, though the word “short” is deceiving, to say the least. John Daly was famously the first person to attempt to hit the ball directly over the lake and try to drive the green in one. The carry required is a whopping 340 yards! Daly made the highest score in the history of the PGA TOUR, an 18. Still thinking about going for it? Mere mortals shouldn’t. But the competitors on the World Long Drive Tour are a whole different story.

These men are known for hitting drives in excess of 425 yards, so a 340-yard carry isn’t ridiculous. Eight of the longest drivers in the world take aim at the green, and remarkably, nearly all of them are able to land their drives on or near the green. Enjoy the video, just don’t try swinging like these big boys at home!

The winner, Kevin Shook, ended up a ridiculous 40 feet from the hole. A 40 foot albatross putt is something that dreams are made of.

Enjoy the video, just don’t try swinging like these big boys at home!

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