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Tennis Services

Once you’ve learned how to hit the shots and strokes you want, it’s important to practice them properly. This requireshitting with a partner who can control the ball and create match-like situations. If you want to improve your ability to win, you need to practice shots in addition to strokes, and this means taking tennis lessons that help you practice like you play.

The “Muscle Memory” Myth

Hitting hundreds of balls the same way over and over again not only doesn’t help improve your tennis game, it often degrades it. You will never hit 50 cross court forehands in a row during a match, so why practice that way? When you hit for long periods against a ball machine or backboard, you also fatigue your central nervous system and tire your muscles. You then end up hitting tired, late strokes.

Hitting lessons with a coach (vs. working with a backboard or ball machine) include frequent breaks that help you recover – from a cardio and muscular standpoint. A hitting lesson also lets you receive short, deep and wide balls. A qualified hitting partner will be able to place balls where you need, even if the shots you hit aren’t under control. Teaching professionals learn the footwork and ball placement control necessary to chase students’ balls and return them with accuracy, as well as at the right speed.

The Right Partner for Your Hitting Lessons

Instead of standing at the middle of the baseline hitting 100 balls with an inconsistent partner, hire a PlayYourCourt coach who will make you move laterally, forward and backward in a match-like situation. Hitting different types of forehands and backhands from different locations, and adding in serves, volleys and overheads, will help prevent muscle fatigue and build playing skills.

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