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Top PlayYourCourse Pros Nationwide

Jim H. Golf Instructor Photo

Jim H.

San Diego, CA
$90 / session
  • Teaching since 2004
  • Teach all skill levels and ages. Great with beginners to advanced
  • I always teach off grass and use the latest video technology

What clients are saying about Jim

"Jim hit the nail in the head!. He immediately pointed out a basic mistake I had been doing for years, and provided instruction on how to correct it. I felt Jim is very good in communicating..."

San Diego, CA
Stan F. Golf Instructor Photo

Stan F.

Denver, CO
$80 / session
  • over 30 years of teaching experience
  • teach all levels and ages including high performance players
  • fundamentalist/ keep it simple for maximum results

What clients are saying about Stan

"You have not only taught us how to make good decisions and stay on course but also how to get back on track if we get a little off in both golf and life. My students have greatly benefitte..."

-Patty S
Denver, CO
Tom U. Golf Instructor Photo

Tom U.

Las Vegas, NV
$95 / session
  • PGA member with over 23 years of experience
  • I teach all ages and skill levels
  • I have a quiet and patient style, and I teach why as well as how

What clients are saying about Tom

"Very informative. It was my second lesson and I feel he has given me some basic tools to work with."

Las Vegas, NV

Why Play Golf?

For most of its history, golf was a game for wealthy gentlemen. It was played on exclusive courses and cost an arm and a leg (for most people) to play the game on a regular basis.

Today, golf lessons are more affordable, accessible and offer many of the same benefits of other sports. In addition, the game is enjoyed by a wide variety of people from different social and economic backgrounds. If you're on the fence about whether you, your kids or grandkids should start the game, check out these six reasons why you should add golf to your lifestyle.

It's Actually Affordable
You don't need to join a country club or pay greens fees in the hundreds of dollars to play great golf courses on a regular basis. Many municipal facilities are surprisingly affordable and offer high-quality, challenging courses. Look for executive courses, which feature shorter holes, and often only one, nine-hole golf course. The fees at many executive courses are less than $20.

You don't need to commit to several hours to play golf. You can have lots of fun each week taking driving range lessons or just working on your putting or pitching. You can work on several aspects of your game while simulating on the course pressure.

Are you ready for the best golf lesson of your life?